I work with institutions, providing consultancy and workshops, to improve both well-being and inclusion within their staff bodies.

Having worked with institutions varying from drama schools, social initiatives, film sets and theatres, I provide guidance and expertise to help organisations improve staff and company well-being. I also work to encourage diversity, inclusion and belonging.

My workshops offer support, connection and community and are are designed to created a safe space for individuals to share and come together. All sessions include a talk, open discussion and journaling exercises.  

Identity – Identity sessions focus on getting back to the core of us. We look at internal validation, purpose, redefining success and what it means to have a good relationship with ourselves.  

Mindfulness – Mindfulness sessions look at how we can use mindful practise in our daily lives to create balance. We explore finding peace in the present moment, managing feelings of anxiety and uncertainty and finding joy.  

Wellbeing - Wellbeing sessions take a closer look at understanding and redefining self-care. We look at implementing boundaries, healthy productivity and prioritising our physical and mental health.    

Self-Worth – Self- Worth sessions focus on understanding our lift scripts and limiting beliefs. We explore rewriting our stories, transforming our mindset and releasing self-doubt.  

Bespoke – Bespoke sessions are individually designed to meet the needs of the receiving group. This could be specific to the company or specific to a topic that feels relevant and important.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you have any questions about how we could work together, get in touch!