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About Me

Hi, I'm Laura.

An actor/dancer living in London. Since graduating in 2017, I have done a variety of jobs from balancing trays of red wine to performing in theatres that were childhood dreams. Somewhere along the way, I became aware that no matter where you are or what you are doing, losing yourself is all too easy. This could be in trying to succeed, in trying to keep everyone else happy or perhaps just in being busy. I definitely felt that. I felt it in conversations I had others as well.

"I don't know what I'm even doing." 

"I feel trapped"

"I feel like I've got no purpose"

I started to wonder if this was just what happened in life. You reach a point where there's stuff to get on with so you get it done. Happiness comes later.

I was, thankfully, wrong. I had actually become unaligned, forgetting why I fell in love with what I do in the first place. And on top of that, I had lost touch with a second equally important passion. Before I got my place at drama school, I worked as a youth worker, a dance teacher for adults with special educational needs and as a group leader and mentor. My passion for as long as I can remember has been people!  

So one rainy Thursday, I thought to myself - how can I combine my love of performing with my love of helping people? And I came across coaching. A way to explore human connection, inject positive change and spread little pockets of joy. I was sold and have never looked back. After training as a Transformational Coach (Animas Centre for Coaches accredited by the ICF), I soon qualified as a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher (School of Positive Transformation) and a Mental Health First Aider (Mental Health First Aid England).

So how can I help you? 

I am a firm believer that the person we want to be is already within us. But life is overwhelming and sometimes it's easier to stay where it's comfortable, where it's known. It can feel as though the mountain is too high to climb. So my focus is simple. Taking everything one step at a time. Giving you space to explore what it really is you want from life. Asking questions to challenge lifelong life scripts. And a listening ear, free from judgement. But always one step at a time. Changing the smallest habits lead to the biggest changes. 

  I am here to help you break through the obstacles that stop you living the life you know you should be living.


What people say

"Laura is an inspiring and motivating coach, with a gift for insight, understanding and compassion. She has a gentle and calming energy, and a lightness and positivity to her words. Having worked closely with Laura she has helped me to change my life and “breakthrough” negative thought processes, patterns and dynamics that linger from my past - she has shown me that they have no place in my present and this was like being given a new set of wings! She offers soulful discussion and the freedom to entirely open up and connect with the deepest parts of yourself. A true healer."

—  Amelia O’Loughlin, Writer/ Actor/ Producer

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