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Coaching. Consultancy, Workshops, Joy.


Hello and Welcome!

Since graduating from drama school, I have done a variety of jobs from balancing trays of red wine to performing in theatres that were childhood dreams. Somewhere along the way, I became aware that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can still struggle. This could be in trying to keep everyone else happy, in life outside of work or perhaps just in being busy. I definitely felt that. I felt it in conversations I had others as well.

                                                                                 "I don't know who to speak to" 

                                                                                        "I feel overwhelmed"

                                                                                 "I feel like I've got no purpose"


The more conversations I had with peers and colleagues, the more I realised something needed to be done to support mental health and well-being within the arts. So, one rainy Thursday, I thought to myself - how can I combine my love of performing with my love of helping people? And I came across coaching. A way to explore human connection, inject positive change and spread little pockets of joy. I was sold and have never looked back.

After training as a Transformational Coach (Animas Centre for Coaches), I soon qualified as a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher (School of Positive Transformation), and a Mental Health First Aider (Mental Health First Aid England). 


So how can I help you? Change can be overwhelming and sometimes it's easier to stay where it's comfortable, where it's known. It can feel as though the mountain is too high to climb. So my focus is simple. Taking everything one step at a time. Giving space. Asking questions to challenge lifelong life scripts. And a listening ear, free from judgement. But always one step at a time. If you're a corporation, school or individual, I have the same belief. Changing the smallest habits can lead to the biggest changes. 

                                                                     Laura x

amelia o’loughlin

actor, writer and producer


"Laura is an inspiring and motivating coach, with a gift for insight, understanding and compassion. She has a gentle and calming energy, and a lightness and positivity to her words. Having worked closely with Laura she has helped me to change my life and “breakthrough” negative thought processes, patterns and dynamics that linger from my past - she has shown me that they have no place in my present and this was like being given a new set of wings! She offers soulful discussion and the freedom to entirely open up and connect with the deepest parts of yourself. A true healer."

Michael Bowie



“Realising my own self worth was the most valuable thing I gained from my sessions with Laura. She listened to me and asked me open questions that allowed me to make my own discoveries, explore different perspectives and find answers myself without feeling any pressure. Laura played a huge part in me making some wonderful changes and has continued to support and encourage me throughout. Her approach and attitude is nothing short of positive and inspirational! Thank you Laura."

Melissa Nettleford

Actor and Dancer


"Laura has been my coach for several months now and honestly I don't think I would have achieved all I have in this time without her guidance. She has helped me untangle my own thoughts and find clarity in many aspects of my life. Sessions were comfortable right from the offset even through zoom. Another great thing is her ability to remind you of your progress and acknowledging all the wins no matter how small you think they are. I highly recommend Laura and if in doubt just sign up for a discovery call I promise you won't regret it."

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